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Moses West, Army Vet and entrepreneur, is using the moisture in the atmosphere to generate renewable clean drinking water.

KVUE Interview

This water-producing technology is making a stop in Austin before heading to Puerto Rico to help hurricane victims. But the man behind it all still needs help.

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Moses West is heading to Puerto Rico with his technology that captures a large amount of clean, unusable water from the air to help people from around the world.

Puerto Rico Moses West day

West spoke to KVUE last year just days before his trip to Puerto Rico. He has developed a technology that literally creates water out of thin air.

Texas Public Radio

West says the grueling days of filling and then loading the two gallon Federal Emergency Management Agency jugs into cars took their toll on him. He lost 20 pounds.

Kaiser Health (via Washington Post)

Sitting atop metal stilts in front of this island’s condemned hospital, an imposing, hunter-green shipping container serves as a lifeline for local residents in need of drinking water.

Talk radio

Texas Energy Lab, for December 8. Eliminating drought and saving lives. Moses West explains the origins and applications of his innovative atmospheric water generator

SA Biz Journal

AWG Technology LLC Founder and CEO Moses West spoke at the recent EPIcenter conference about equipment that he developed to pull water from the moisture in the air.